Ex-Girlfriends and Winning Them Back

It is often very hard to win back an old girlfriend, especially if she was the one that broke things off in the first place. If it was you that broke things off, it may be easier as you may only have to apologize saying you made a mistake but if she broke up with you, she must have had a reason and so before you can make any progress, you will have to learn what that reason was.

Often it will be because the girl thought you were not taking the relationship seriously enough and so there was no romance left in it.

If this is the case in your instance, you are going to seriously think about becoming more romantic, tell her you want to take her for an intimate dinner of for a secluded picnic somewhere where the two of you can be alone to talk about the chances of you having a romantic future together.

If this seems to be working you can then suggest a romantic weekend away together. Once these romantic rendezvous start though, if you want the relationship to last, you will have to keep up the romance side of things.

Although getting romantic often works in these situations, other popular approaches do not. One of those approaches is to beg the girl to come back to you.

This approach may work to get the girl back but the relationship will not last as having seen you begging, she will have lost respect for you.

Another approach that may also work initially is to threaten either her or yourself. This approach is also doomed to failure though as the girl will have returned due to either fear or pity, neither of which are good feelings to start a meaningful relation with.

Whatever approach you do try though, recent research suggests that you should never bring up the past, regardless of how many great times you may have had.

The reason why the research suggests this is because as well as reminding her of the good times, it will usually also remind her of some of the not so good times, one of which may have been the cause of the break up.

As it is so hard to get an ex-girlfriend back, before you start to even try you should seriously consider your decision. Is it the girl herself that you miss so much or is it just a case of you missing female company.

If it is the latter, maybe finding a new girlfriend would be the better solution; it certainly would be the easier one.

Remember, even though your chat up lines may usually work well, an ex-girlfriend will already be well aware of them and so may even be immune to your initial charm.

Something new is therefore going to have to be tried and that something new, is going to have to be good if you want a result that works well enough to not just get her back but to also keep her.

Get your Ex-girlfriend Back – Advice from the Best Chick-flicks

You may be thinking this is a weird form of advice. Chick-flicks? Really? On the other hand, women love those movies for a reason. When the final scene comes, and the guy is pleading his case, it’s the women watching that cheer him on. Even they forgot the awful thing he did and he doesn’t even exist. No matter what you did, if you really want her there is always a chance to win her over again. A chance is all you need. Now all you have to do is break down her walls.

Here is the advice from the top 5 best romantic movies on exactly how to get your Ex-girlfriend back.

5. Sex and the City – the movie

Every millennial woman has watched and re-watched it. Every time they root for Mr. Big to get the girl. Ok, so you’re not Mr. Big, but also whatever you did is probably not as bad as this character. He left her standing at the altar and that’s pretty bad. So what did he do? He never gave up. For months, he sent her e-mails.

Here, persistence is key. No matter how many times she didn’t reply, he still tried. This is to be used if you messed up, but not that bad. Only in the movies it’s enough. However, most women want to know that their boyfriend, or ex, in this case, is willing to work hard at the relationship. This is the proof they need.

4. The Proposal

This is great advice if you happen to love the bossy type. Very simply Ryan Reynolds doesn’t let her call the shots in the last scene. Something she is very used to doing. This change in power, this strength and masculinity appeal greatly to strong women. They want to know you can stand next to them, even up to them. He pretty much puts her in her place and sneaks in a simple “I love you”.

No tears. No cliché sentences. Just pure honesty and that’s what most women want. Your ex-girlfriend does not want to watch you be pathetic. She wants to witness your strength of character. However, this may not work on shy and delicate girls.

3. How to lose a guy in 10 days

You are not Matthew Machonehue so do not quote him. Here the point is the essence. She is leaving the state. He stops her. How? He shows strength and maturity by calling her bluff.

Most women want a man, not a boy. By talking straight to her, he gets through to her. Again, he displays strength and honesty. More than that, however, he is confident. Confidence is how you got her in the first place, right? Confidence is what you need. Not once does he apologize, though. This is because she also made a mistake. Depending on what you did, you may need to adjust accordingly.

2. Grey Anatomy- Meredith and Derek

This is from a series, but this is as real as it gets. Derek rushes home after almost cheating on his wife. She is sure the “almost” part isn’t true. Sounds familiar? He did the one thing you should do if all else fails. He was honest. He called their history into evidence. Proved to her that who they are is more important than what he did. In the end, that is all that matters.

In the end, this is what every woman wants to hear. All those things you remember about your relationship. All those things you love. Again, he is not weepy. He is strong and manly. He is fighting for her, not crying over her. All women want to know that their man will fight for them and their family. Let her know how you feel, let her know that she matters. That’s what she wants.

This storyline actually inspired a number of couples to seek marriage counselling. There was a reported direct increase in referrals on the back of the episode going live.

One way to seek support for your marriage is to search for marriage counselling expert near me. Remember that cheating is never the answer!

1. Jerry Maguire Jerry, or Tome Cruise, is not a nice guy

Hell, most women don’t like this character. And yet, he wins the girl. He walks into a room of very angry women. This doesn’t faze him, but maybe a little. He still tells her everything. How he feels about his job, himself, but more importantly, how he feels about her. He tells her that “No” is not an option.

Unlike every other movie, he even has tears in his eyes. That’s because this is a real guy, talking to his wife, begging her to love him. However, keep the begging to a minimum.


Every person is different. Every relationship is unique. Just like these movies, every time a different story. The winning moment, on the other hand, always has the same formula. Perseverance, strength and honesty. Think about what you really want to tell her. Be confident and masculine. Pull yourself together and go get your girl.

It’s Not Easy Getting an Ex-Girlfriend Back

As any man that has ever tried to get an ex-girlfriend back will tell you, getting her back will not be easy and many of them would have failed.

I was unfortunately one of these men, and turned to dating services near to me to help.

Others that failed probably failed because of one of three reasons and those reasons are that they tried begging, threatening or talked about the past.

I know that these may be the first three things you may have considered but I’ll explain why they fail by looking at them one at a time. First we’ll look at begging.

Begging could be great for getting a girl back for one last date but for getting her back for any meaningful relationship it is a must not do. If the girl did come back to you, it would only be through a feeling of sympathy and that feeling will not last.

Although girls may think pets look cute when they beg, they do not think the same about men begging and she will lose any respect she may have had left for you, dooming any lasting relationship before it even restarted.

Threatening her or yourself will have a similar effect, if she does come back to you it will be through fear or pity and both of those feelings are short lived meaning, so will any hope of any future romance with her be. Lastly, bringing up the past, the past you shared together may at first seem like a good idea but, according to experts, bringing up the past will also bring back to her mind some of the bad things you shared together.

Although this may not necessarily be as bad as the first two, that will very much depend on exactly how bad some of those past things were. It is therefore always best to leave the past in the past and talk to her about what the future could be like.

It has often been said that romance is dead and often that is one of the reasons why a girl may have broken up with you, she felt that there was no longer any romance. If there is just the slightest chance that romance may play a role, romance is what you have to give her or at least offer her.

Romantic dinners or get a ways together, perhaps for a weekend are something that you may not have suggested whilst you were together before and if that is the case, she will see that you have changed and that there may just be a chance for the two of you.

Of course though, if she accepts you will have to play the role to the full, strolls on moonlit beaches, walks in the park and other romantic notions many women harbor. A weekend in Paris is nearly always a winner for putting romance back into a relationship but all girls are different; you know her so choose something that will appeal to her best. Not only will that show you have changed but also that you do sometimes perhaps listen to her.

Winning an Ex-Girlfriend Back: Playing Hard to Get

If your girlfriend has broken up with you, and your pleas and cries have not worked, you may have to play hard to get. Part of me hates the fact that men have to play games to get women, and the other part of me knows that life is really one giant game board and every thing we do is a strategic move.


This method of getting back your former flame comes with warnings. It only works about half the time, but if you have tried everything else to woo your woman, a 50% chance is much better than a 0% chance. If this is the route you chose to take, proceed with caution and follow our rules for success.


Rules to Follow

  1. Do not initiate any phone calls or forms of communication to your ex-girlfriend. None.
  2. Do not answer any calls she makes until she exceeds the ten-call limit, or incessantly calls. At that point, do not talk to her longer than a minute. One minute is all. However, in that one minute be friendly, not passionate or romantic, simply be a kind person. Then get off of the phone.
  3. Keep busy with friends and family. If you really want your ex-girlfriend back, dating others immediately could be the kiss of death. It may make her jealous, but it could also cause her to give up on you for your speedy return to the dating world. Keep yourself very busy, but be selective with who you hang out with during this time.
  4. Do some thinking and consider why the two of you broke up. This is a time where you can decide if you want to really play hard to get or play not to get. You have to reflect on the situation and go introspective to make this decision.
  5. Do not talk trash about her. It will get back to her. In fact, talk kindly of her to every mutual friend you have. Say nice things, but do not sound as if the world will end without her. Remember, good or bad, we always want what we cannot have.
  6. If you two have future plans to attend an event together, ask if she still wants to do so as friends. This will intrigue her very much. It will also get her attention even more if you suggest that you guys arrive in different cars or come separately. She might start to wonder why you do not want to be with her in the car, and how she can change this. Stick to your guns about the separate transportation arrangements. They make you mysterious.
  7. Try to be honest when you do begin to converse with her for longer talks. If you are concerned about something tell her, if you feel badly about your prior behavior tell her, and make sure to thank her for the good times. Do all this, as a friend, not with romantic language or gestures. You want her to want you, the unattainable.


Making Amends with Your EX

Often it would be far easier to just find a new girlfriend than it would be to get an old girlfriend back but, if we really have feelings for the ex, it is worth the extra effort it will take to get her back. If we have that much feelings for our ex though, not only will we want her back but we will want her back for the long term and so we must be careful how we tread.

Some approaches may get us the girl back but because of the approach we took, there is little chance of a lasting romance. One of these approaches is begging. OK, you’ve decided you want the girl back and are prepared to beg in order to achieve it but, begging has been shown to be counter-productive for long term romances.

It can have the desired effect at first; winning you the girl back but often she would have only returned through her feelings of sympathy for you, not actual romantic feelings. If this is the case, those feelings of sympathy will turn into disgust at the thought that you resorted to emotional blackmail and the romance will be irretrievably over.

Another bad approach is the use of threats, perhaps threatening to do something bad to yourself as you cannot live without her. Once again initially this could work but it too is emotional blackmail, something the girl will regret having responded to in the longer term.

This means that if you want the relationship to be rekindled and last, you will have to employ a different approach. Apologizing for any mistakes you may have made or she believes you made is a good start and of course forgiving her for any she may have made is equally as good start.

Be sure though to never bring up the past, recalling some of the better times that you may have shared together, according to experts, this will also bring to her mind some of the bad times you shared and so only talk of the future and what great times you could share together from here on.

Not just telling her but convincing her that you have changed could be your biggest problem and so a good way of perhaps doing that is to invite her for a romantic weekend away from it all, to somewhere where you can both relax and talk things through at your leisure.

A cozy hotel somewhere close to where you can take leisurely strolls on the beach or in the countryside, perhaps snuggles together in front of an open fire with a cocktail in your hand. If you feel a little more adventurous, the ease of European travel today means that you could take a weekend break to Paris, the home of romance.

Winning that first romantic weekend will be only a partial success though, unless you keep up the momentum. Although you may think that this is all too much remember, it is you that decided the effort would be worth it, lesser things may earn you a new girlfriend but this is your ex.